Women’s | Pairs Training Camp


Learn the approach that crowned the 2017 NCAA Champion Washington Women’s Rowing team with an unprecedented sweep of the PAC-12 and National Championship. Coached by the University of Washington coaches, athletes will learn methods and implement the strategies that are foundational to the success of elite college programs via small boat training.




Session 1 August 14-18

Session 2 August 18-22


Check in - First day of camp 1-2pm | Check out - Last day of camp 11-12 pm

*Check in and check out is at Conibear Shellhouse on the lower level.


CAMP FEES: $1,100.00 (per session) + REGISTRATION




Rowers of all ability levels will benefit, but a minimum of 1 season of racing experience is highly recommended. It can take several days to properly introduce a new rower to boating equipment and safety procedures before they ever touch the water. For this reason, we ask that rowers only sign up for this camp if they have prior rowing experience, however it is open to any and all women ages 13-19. If you are still novice in the sport, consider signing up for our Development Camp instead.



What to expect

Individualized coaching in small boats to enhance small boat skills and maximize training effect


Introduction to RP3 technology; how to use this machine to strengthen your on-the-water rowing skills


Learn fitness techniques essential to rowing success and strategies to improve and grow your personal fitness


Lift in the Husky Strength Training Center led by the 2017 NCAA Champion Strength Coach, Gabby Quiggle




Lodging + Meals

Lodging and meals will be provided in the camp cost. Dorms will be located in McMahon Hall and meals will be eaten either in Conibear Shellhouse or Campus Dining Facilities.



What to bring to camp:

  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses/hat
  • Running shoes
  • Backpack
  • Athletic tape for potential blisters
  • Two sets of workout clothes and one set of casual clothing per day
  • Bedding for the dorms (i.e. Twin XL sheets, blanket, pillow)




Please be sure to Fill out all Forms:


The Medical History/Permission to Treat a Minor Form must be submitted by August 1st


If you are planning on bringing any necessary medications with you to camp, please fill out and upload the Medication Form by August 1st and ALSO bring a hard copy along with your medication in a ziploc bag.



Getting to Conibear Shellhouse



You can take the LINK light rail to the "University of Washington" Station. Once you get off the link, take the escalators up to ground level and walk north on Montlake Blvd NE until you reach the first footbridge. Turn right just after the footbridge and follow the road down the hill, past the tennis courts on your left until you run right into Conibear Shellhouse.




Type "Conibear Shellhouse" into google maps.


If you need assistance, please contact Josh at 603.801.6614