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Frequently Asked Questions


Women's Camps FAQ's


Q: What is the main difference between Development Camp and Pairs Camp?


A: Development camp is largely in eights and focused on the basics of boat moving and training techniques. Big emphasis on FUN and giving atheltes the experience of rowing and living at University of Washington. Pair camp is largely in pairs and small boats, with the focus being advanced technical skills and big emphasis on training techniques. Pair camp does include some rowing in the eight with coxwains from the UW team. Pair camp is very similar to a true week of training under the UW coaching staff as a student athlete on the team.


Q: Do local athletes stay in the dorms or can they choose to commute daily?


A: The stay in dorms and the time we spend on campus are all part of the experience we want to deliver to the athletes. For this reason we prefer athletes to stay in dorms. If anyone is local and has special needs, we can discuss an option of commuting.


Q: Can athletes sign up for multiple sessions?


A: Yes. The way we go through the program, an athlete will only get better with more time so while they may do some of the same activities, drills, etc. it will only serve to make them a better athlete and further develop their skill set.


Q: If an athlete signs up for multiple Development Camp sessions, is there lodging provided between the end of camp one day and the start of camp the next day?


A: Yes, this is something we can accommodate. As it is not built into the cost, there will be an extra $75 charge for the extra night in dorms.



Men's Camps FAQ's


Q: Which camp should I sign up for: Junior Racing Camp or the Speed Lab?

A: The speed lab is for rowers who are in the college system. The junior racing camp is designed for rowers who still have junior status per USRowing rules. It is open to any and all entrants.

Q: How do I pay for the Speed Lab Camp?

A: You will bring your cash or check to the first day of practice.

Q: Is there practice on the 4th of July?

A: Currently we are planning on doing an optional practice on that day. However, if you have family plans, we are respectful of that.